Overview: Bodega Benefits for Mac Developers

For Mac developers everywhere, Bodega serves as a perfect addition to their channel and product sales strategies. Bodega provides regular, consistent access to a large and growing audience base directly from Mac desktops around the world. Developers who wish to include their Mac products in Bodega enjoy the following key benefits:
No charge for membership in the Bodega Developer Program.
For each sale taking place in Bodega, Freshcode charges the developer 10% of the application's sale price. For every one of their products sold, the developer retains 90% of the sale price.
No API restrictions for applications submitted for inclusion in Bodega.
Zero interference in developer/customer interaction. Bodega never gets in the middle of such relationships and, in fact, encourages them.
A wide variety of advertising, marketing, and co-marketing programs for Bodega developers, all designed to help build awareness for, and drive sales of, the products they have listed in Bodega. Moreover, many of these programs are free of charge.
Developer-owned deployment and management of their product upgrade/update strategy, as they always have. Bodega even helps by automatically checking for application updates for all Sparkle-endowed applications on the user's hard drive each time it is launched. If an update is available, Bodega helps with the download and installation.
Developer knowledge of exactly who is and isn't entitled to support for products sold through Bodega, thanks to the company's lack of interference in customer/developer interactions.
No possibility of potentially cannibalizing product sales in other parts of the channel, since developers need not create a special version of their app for inclusion in Bodega. Bodega is merely another sales opportunity within the existing Mac software channel, and not a separate, stand-alone channel in itself.
No formal application vetting or approval processes. As long as applications are not blatantly or obviously offensive, and contain no illegal content or information, they're welcome in Bodega.

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