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Bodega: A Mac Developer’s Perfect Channel

Let’s face it: Mac developers have always had challenges getting their great products into the channel, and then being successful once they got there. Traditional distribution is extremely expensive, distributors and retailers take up the 70 or 80 points, retailers don’t usually represent products in the correct manner, it takes months to receive payments for what customers buy, and if a product doesn’t sell in the quantities the distributor wants, they drop it, leaving the developer high and dry and deeply in debt.

And this just scratches the surface of what developers have to deal with in their efforts to reach customers through the traditional software channel. It’s not a pretty picture.

Introducing Bodega. With Bodega, those hassles don’t exist. Bodega is a brand new channel experience, one where customers effortlessly discover and find new applications for their Mac … all under one roof … and all from their desktop. Best of all, the sales that take place in Bodega are between the customer and the developer… Bodega just provides the pathway between the two.

Bodega is the new way for customers to discover and purchase software, and for developers to reach customers on an inexpensive, highly-profitable, ongoing basis. Read more of what Bodega provides developers below.

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Application icons are displayed on shelves, just like in a grocery store. That makes it super easy for users to discover new applications or find applications based on name or category type. Bodega really is a 'corner store' for the Mac, laid out in a simple-to-understand, intuitive manner.
The Ultimate Active & Qualified Audience

Bodega puts the latest, great, hottest Mac software in one place, and directly on the customer’s desktop. That’s huge. Bodega provides you, the developer, the perfect opportunity to get your goods in front of new highly active and qualified customers on a regular basis, building all-important brand and product awareness.
Bodega’s powerful search capabilities make it easy for customers to discover the type of apps they're looking for, while giving you greater exposure for your software. And with Bodega, you can link to product press reviews, press releases, and much more. So not only is Bodega the perfect storefront, it’s also a fantastic marketing tool that YOU control.

More Revenue For You

Since the sales process takes place in your webstore, your revenue margins are much, much higher than through traditional distribution points. No more middle-man in the form of demanding, unbending distributors and retailers. freshcode takes a very small piece of each sale, only 10% … kind of like a turnpike fee … and you keep the rest … a whooping 90%. Cha-ching!!

Double-click on an application icon and a new screen emerges with the product description, screenshots, download and purchase options, pricing, product reviews, and much more. Everything a user needs to make a download or purchase decision is cleanly and attractively presented. What better way to present your product to potential customers?
You Own The Customer Relationship

When customers want to buy your app through Bodega, they click a “Buy Now” button that opens a window within Bodega to YOUR webstore … yes, YOUR webstore. The customer buys your product directly from YOU. YOU own the relationship with the customer … Bodega simply provides the discovery and connection point between you and your customers. And that means …

Top-Notch Reporting

Quality analytics are invaluable in your efforts to grow your business and product direction, and Bodega helps by providing information about your customer base. Bodega offers detailed reports telling you where your software is selling, the operating system customers are running, what software customers are buying in addition to yours, and much more.

Bodega Helps with Your Marketing

We’re constantly marketing Bodega, and the more we market Bodega and bring in more users, the more awareness there is for your product. And where there’s awareness, there’s a potential customer and more revenue.

Users can easily review your product … but only if they have it installed on their Mac. People love seeing what others have to say about a product; it really helps with the decision to download or buy.
Standing Out From The Crowd

Bodega also provides very inexpensive product promotion spaces you can purchase to drive immediate product awareness among Bodega users. You can buy promo spots on Bodega’s main page and category pages. Best of all, there are no longterm promo space contracts … you simply buy space on a month-by-month basis. Click here to learn more

Customer Feedback

Forget having to guess, or find discover piecemeal, what customers love or loathe about your latest wares. Bodega's review section lets you hear directly from customers because they can post their reviews of your products.

Join the Revolution... It's Easy

Getting started with Bodega is a breeze. Moreover, there’s no set up fee. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So don’t delay … become part of the new Macintosh software channel today. Become part of Bodega. Oh, by the way, once you sign up and are up and running, managing your software catalog is a snap. You have complete control over pricing, press links, product pitches, and so much more.

Still have questions? Read the FAQ